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Solar Tax Credits and Incentives

Solar incentives are available and offered at the federal, state and local level. However, incentives vary based on your location and whether you are a homeowner, business, government entity, or non-profit.

Federal Incentives:

  •  There is currently a 26% federal tax credit claimed against the tax liability of residential (Section 25D) and commercial and utility (Section 48) investors in solar energy property.
  • Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS Depreciation)
    *Consult with a tax professional on the completion of the proper federal solar energy tax forms.

Solar Incentives for Iowa (Residents & Businesses):

Solar Incentives for Illinois (Residents & Businesses):

  • Federal Tax Credit (26% of gross cost at installation)
  • Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS Depreciation)
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS) Adjustable Block Program
    *(Eligibility in the Adjustable Block Program requires working with an approved Solar vendor. Eagle Point Solar has completed the vetting process and our Solar Energy Consultants are certified by the Adjustable Block Program’s administration. Eagle Point Solar is able to facilitate your ABP payout and professionally install your array system.)
  • Illinois Power Agency

Solar Incentives for Wisconsin (Residents & Businesses):

*NOTE: Work with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally to ensure the system installed qualifies for program incentives.


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