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Benefits of Solar Energy


The Benefits of Solar Are Undisputed!

There are several undisputed benefits of generating your own electricity using solar. Advances in solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and battery-based energy management systems have paved the way to make solar a viable option for most homes or businesses.

Simultaneous to equipment advances has been a substantial drop in the installation cost to the consumer. By combining drop-in prices and incentives such as tax credits, aggressive depreciation schedules, grant programs, and various financing options, solar has an attractive economic proposition.


How Solar Works

1. Your solar modules absorb the sun’s rays and convert the energy into DC electricity.

2. Because we use AC electricity in our homes and businesses, an inverter is necessary to convert the DC into AC.

3. The AC electricity is fed into your service offsetting utility purchases. If you are not using the energy, it can be stored into a battery for later consumption or exported to the utility for credit.

Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • An immediate reduction or elimination of your electric utility bill.
  • Pay yourself instead of paying the utility.
  • Reduce your tax liability through federal and state tax credits and equipment depreciation.
  • Reduce the cost of installation through grants and other incentive programs.
  • Several financing options to minimize your upfront investment but still allow you to reduce the cost of your electricity. Residential, $0 down options, commercial leasing, Power Purchase Agreements for Government, and other not-for-profit entities are available.
  • Positively affect the environment by reducing the amount of coal and gas needed to generate your electricity.
  • The components of solar modules are recyclable.

Build Equity

  • Reducing the energy costs for your home, business, or farm increases the value of the property.
  • Installing a solar array naturally increases the value of your property in the same manner as remodeling or building an addition.
  • Once the solar system is paid for, your electricity is free and you can begin to build a cash reserve with the money you formally paid the utility company.

Dependable Technology

  • A solar array has no moving parts which means very little maintenance.
  • Manufacturer equipment warranties of up to 25 years and 40-year life expectancies.
  • Designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions including severe hail, wind and temperature variations.
  • Installation warranty backed a local installer with the resources to provide excellent customer service.
  • Eagle Point Solar offers on-going, Internet-based monitoring of your solar array to assure your system continues to operate properly for decades.

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