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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Clean Power With Little Or No Investment:

Eagle Point Solar has a verifiable portfolio of over 50 PPA projects in municipal, academic and nonprofit industries throughout the Midwest. We minimize the soft costs of your project by utilizing existing contracts, developed by the leading energy law firm in the US, and through tapping into the financial resources of our existing investment partner relationships. No costly contract development and no searching for a funding source!

    • Little or no investment
    • Flexible term lengths
    • Predictable energy costs
    • Flexible buy-out terms
    • Reduced electricity costs

There are generally three parties involved in a PPA: the Energy Consumer, the Investor and the Installer. The process involves the Energy Consumer working with the installer to determine the proper design and installation specifications for the system to be installed. Once this is completed, the terms of the PPA can be calculated and an agreement is formed between the Energy Consumer and the Investor. The Investor then pays the installer for the design and installation of the solar array and begins to collect the agreed upon payments for electricity generated (for the agreed term) from the Energy Consumer. Once the term expires, the Energy Consumer typically purchases the project from the Investor for a nominal amount and owns the project outright for many years to come.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) FAQs

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