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Solar + Storage Benefits

Battery Storage Technology:

Solar modules and battery storage make the perfect pair, allowing you to generate and store clean, affordable energy. Store electricity in the battery during the day when the sun is out and consume it later after sun-set or on-demand, making the most use of the solar system. Solar battery storage is useful if you have time-of-use billing, a utility provider without net-metering, or frequent power outages. With battery storage you can count on reliable backup power, freedom from unpredictable bills, and peace of mind.

  • Harness the most efficient solar on the market any time–day or night by using stored solar power to offset peak energy rates.
  • Protect your home in an outage, powering essential appliances and electronics.
  • Take more control over your energy bill by using solar energy generated during the day to offset evening usage.

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Tesla is praised for their ability to reimagine existing technologies and high-quality products. The Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack are touch safe with no exposed wires or hot vents. They are water-resistant and dustproof for indoor or outdoor installation. Tesla’s energy storage products are scalable to accommodate various energy load sizes.

LG Chem is a long standing, financially established, chemical company that has been advancing lithium battery technologies for 73 years. The RESU10H uses a unique Polymer ‘pouch’ flat laminated battery design which enables much higher energy density with increased reliability and safety. Over 2.8 million electric vehicles (EVs) are on the road using the same LG Chem battery technology that’s in RESU products. The LG Chem design allows for simplified, efficient installations either wall-mounted or floor-standing. This is a great solution for homeowners looking to have a reliable supply of power when grid outages occur.

Generac offers awarding-winning products with revolutionary efficiency and simplicity. Generac PWRcell is an intelligent energy storage system. Equipped with PWRview energy monitoring technology, PWRcell protects you during times of power outage and allows you to control your energy usage to save on utility costs. Generac offers features and unique performance characteristics including backup ability without help from grid power. They design their products with the goal to provide extended backup power and maximize on-site energy use.

Outback Power has a long history of developing renewable energy technology. They are at the forefront of advanced off-grid and grid-interactive battery systems. Outback Power focuses on a comprehensive whole system without complexity. They offer a wide range of systems for convenience, value and flexibility.

CPS is driven by performance and innovation with cost leadership driven by value engineering and world class supply chain efficiency. CPS offers turnkey energy storage solutions for commercial and large-scale energy storage projects as well as inverters to monitoring, to rapid shutdown and PV modules.

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