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Solar Journey

Eagle Point Solar’s consultative process is designed to provide our clients with the information they need to make an informed decision about whether investing in a solar array is a good decision. Once it is determined a solar project is indeed viable, the process is then focused on developing a custom, innovative, turn-key solar energy solution for each client, no “cookie cutter” approach is used. The result of following the process is a successful solar installation which meets the goals of the client.

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After completion of the FREE Solar Analysis Online Form, you will be assigned a Solar Energy Consultant to provide solar education and discuss your objectives and answer questions. We will also collect the last 12 months of your electric bills which are imperative in determining if we can meet your objectives and for us to create an initial customized solar report.

The final task in this step is to determine whether you believe investing in a solar array will likely make sense to you. If so, we move to the next step, if not, we leave you with the education you gained.


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Site Assessment

Eagle Point Solar’s Design and Engineering group will schedule an on-site review of your property with a Field Engineering Specialist. During this phase, we are documenting the information we need to complete the design of your custom solar system. This includes taking measurements & photos, existing electrical service specifications, locating the existing utility meter, roof pitch and shading concerns just to name a few.

This step is critical to ensure your solar array is customized to your situation and for us to determine the investment needed to reach your goals.


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System Design, Engineering & Proposal

Once all of the data is gathered, our design and electrical engineering teams begin the process of analyzing the information and optimizing a design for your project.

Upon completion of the design and engineering process, your Solar Energy Consultant will present you with a detailed solar energy report and proposal for your approval.


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Permits, Incentives & Utility Paperwork

As the design is finalized and you agree the system will achieve the goals established earlier, we begin the paperwork necessary to construct the solar array. In some cases, building and electrical permits are necessary and, in every case, we must submit an interconnection agreement to the utility from which you purchase electricity. We complete the state and federal incentive paperwork with the necessary approvals from you.


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Material Logistics

Simultaneous to the permitting and interconnection agreement completion, we will coordinate the delivery of the equipment. Our goal is to deliver equipment in a timely manner and to be as minimally disruptive to your schedule as possible.


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System Installation

Upon arrival of the equipment, our construction team will begin construction of the project. Our crew has several decades of combined solar installation experience and it will become evident as you see your system become a reality in a quick, concise manner.

Once construction is completed, we submit final utility paperwork and organize any necessary electrical/local inspection(s). As soon as we receive “permission to operate” from the utility, we turn on or commission your solar array.


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On-Going Operations & Maintenance

Assuming you have given us access to the internet at the project site, Eagle Point Solar sets up online production monitoring so you can quickly view the energy production of your solar array. This also gives us the ability to monitor the solar production and to troubleshoot anything which may need attention.

We will also send you an annual production report comparing our estimated energy production with the actual energy production of your equipment.


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Your solar equipment is built to last for decades and requires very little if any, maintenance. As the commissioning process is completed, we register your solar components with the manufacturers to activate the warranties. In the unlikely event, you have a warranty claim, we handle that for you as well.

Eagle Point Solar offers a five-year workmanship warranty to ensure your system produces at an optimum level. Should you have any questions or concerns, simply give us a call, send an email, or complete our Contact Us form and our customer service team will go to work to diagnose and address your questions or concerns.


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