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Solar Power in a Post-Pandemic World

What We’ve Learned From a Pandemic

In an article on this month, Forbes points out that 10 years ago, solar power represented 1 percent of the world’s energy. Now, that percentage has grown to 9 percent and it continues to grow. Why? Energy is so cheap from solar power that we will end up paying a flat rate regardless of consumption.

One thing we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic has been about the healing of our planet. As we have stayed home wildlife has come out into the streets and skies have cleared above cities typically known for poor air quality. People are recognizing that we can affect the health of our planet by making small changes. Many people are looking to solar to save them money but also to be part of this change.

Click here for an example of how the stay-at-home order is affecting the environment.


Solar Power as Part of the Solution

Solar array Cipco Solar - WappelloSolar power is not the solution to everything of course. We will also look at wind and hydropower solutions. But with the price of solar being so low and the positive benefits that it provides, it is a solution you can and should consider. Our team is here to help.

As we start to talk about re-opening our nation, if you are considering the change to solar as part of your solution, we encourage you to learn about the solar journey. Educate yourself about solar and get a free solar analysis. We’ll provide you with a Solar Energy Consultant to answer your questions and help you understand your savings potential with solar power for your home or business. Our Design and Engineering Team will assess your site and work with you to design your custom solar system. We’ll provide you with a detailed solar energy report for your system.

To learn more visit our Solar Journey page and sign up to get your Free Solar Analysis today.

Cities are changing due to COVID-19 and people are thinking more about green solutions like solar