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Eagle Point Solar Volunteers With Boots On The Ground

Cedar Rapids, Iowa • August 19, 2020 — In the wake of the derecho storm which landed unprecedented record-setting 130 mph winds throughout much of the Midwest, Eagle Point Solar executive team members, management and staff quickly gathered resources, adjusted schedules and coordinated with local United Way volunteers and non-profit organizations to help make a difference. Two teams of Eagle Point Solar volunteers hit to the pavement with trucks, chainsaws, debris removal tools and dozens of helping hands to volunteer in coordination with community efforts to provide relief to their Cedar Rapids, Iowa, friends, neighbors, clients and residents. The team logged over 664 miles traveled and 103 volunteer hours during the blitz to provide assistance.

“Many areas were greatly affected by this land hurricane. While traveling to Cedar Rapids to help cut trees and brush, I can’t recall a time in my life when I could see so many residential roofs, farm buildings, crops and trees damaged. There is extensive local devastation throughout the heartland. Watching our teams organize to coordinate and dispatch volunteer crews is a testament to the wonderful team members and culture we have at Eagle Point Solar. We have increased our service and support in direct response to our clients who may have been impacted and continue to monitor the United Way Volunteer Now website for additional volunteer opportunities,” stated Jim Pullen, President and CEO of Eagle Point Solar.

“The ongoing efforts of the local and out-of-state utility workers, city workers, clearing crews, food and distribution workers, just to name a few, is relentless. These folks continue to work long hours with back-breaking work to recover essential services as quickly as possible. While our volunteer team may be small in comparison, we are mighty,” stated Larry Steffen, Executive Vice President of Eagle Point Solar.



If you would like to volunteer or donate, please visit the United Way of East Central Iowa Volunteer website at: https://www.uweci.org/get-involved/