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Eagle Point Solar Rebuilds New Solar Array After Shed Fire

Sherrill, Iowa • November 18, 2020 — In the wake of a devastating shed fire at the home of Mark and Beverly Behnke during the afternoon hours on Wednesday, September 30, Eagle Point Solar executive team and staff members quickly coordinated efforts to rebuild the existing roof-mounted, agricultural solar array lost to the fire at no additional cost to the client.

“Several members of the Behnke family are Eagle Point Solar clients and advocates of the solar industry. When the news broke regarding the fire and loss of their farm building, we were praying it was not the building we currently installed a 10.89 kW DC solar array on,” stated Larry Steffen, Executive Vice President of Eagle Point Solar. “The following day we connected with the Behnke’s and learned more about the devastation the fire caused and the total loss of the solar array mounted to the roof of their shed.”

In a previously published story by the Telegraph Herald on October 1, 2020, the shed fire caused an estimated $32,000 worth a damage to the existing shed building with contents including hay, farm equipment and tools.

“The project was finished from a construction standpoint. We were just waiting to receive approval from the utility to turn the system on and being producing free energy from the sun. The fire destroyed one hundred percent of all the equipment purchased by our client. The building and the contents were also lost,” stated Randy Ambrosy, Chief Operations Officer of Eagle Point Solar.

Within weeks following the blaze, Eagle Point Solar executive team members and staff coordinated efforts internally to help engineer and procure new equipment to rebuild the Behnke’s solar array lost to the fire. “It’s the right thing to do,” stated Jim Pullen, Eagle Point Solar President and CEO. “Our team members continue to soar to new heights and go beyond what’s expected. I cannot be prouder of how our culture helps to define who we are and where we’re going.”

“Our son, Kevin, purchased an Eagle Point Solar array back in 2013 and has enjoyed the many financial and environmental benefits the system provides. We chose to add our system this year, 2020, to begin saving on our electric bill. It was devastating when we lost our building, contents and the solar array,” stated Beverly Behnke. “We are so thankful we chose Eagle Point Solar because within days of the fire, their teams were onsite designing and engineering a new system. Graciously, their entire team stepped-up and covered the equipment and installation costs for the new solar array on our cattle building. Eagle Point Solar is a great company with wonderful people.”

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