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Eagle Point Solar is committed to sales, installation and deployment of solar photovoltaic systems throughout the Midwest to produce emission-free energy throughout Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gases and spurring job creation and domestic economic activity.

Eagle Point Solar is true to the principle that fossil fuels cannot continue to be humanity’s primary source of energy. The perpetually renewing power from the Sun has fueled life on Earth since it began. It’s time to build an energy foundation in harmony with the planet. It’s time to use slivers of rock – silicon – to reliably produce electricity for decades rather than burning tons of fossil fuels extracted from the Earth for just a one-time use.

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Agricultural Solar Services

In the world of agriculture, solar is a natural. It’s specifically suitable for hog, poultry and dairy applications that use energy every day of the year.

Taking advantage of existing roof space or land will allow you to manage your energy costs, reduce operating expenses, decrease your carbon footprint, and invest in the future of your business. In fact, both federal and state incentives are available that can significantly reduce material and installation costs.


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Commercial Solar Services

Controlling your energy costs isn’t just smart business – it’s the right thing to do. Solar delivers strong economic and environmental benefits that make your business work smarter, not harder.

Solar can be a part of your corporate sustainability initiatives by significantly reducing your energy costs.


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Residential Solar Services

When you choose Eagle Point Solar for your home, you’ve made a solid, smart move towards a powerful residential solar system. Enjoy the immediate benefits of efficiency, cost-savings, and maximum energy output for your solar investment.

Rooftop systems are the most popular option for homeowners. Many residential roofs have enough available space and are well-suited for optimal energy production. Ground-mounted options are also available.


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Municipal & Educational Solar Services

All municipalities have significant, underutilized and available economic potential: rooftops. This abundant open space can be utilized to capture emission-free, carbon-free energy from the sun. The electricity generated from the sun offsets grid power purchases and fossil fuel emissions in a manner that demonstrates the municipality’s commitment to sustainability.

In addition, Iowa, among other states, allow a taxable third party to initially own the municipality’s array. This Power Purchase Agreement allows the municipality to enjoy the economic, environmental and intrinsic benefits of clean energy with little or no investment on their part.


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Utility Solar Services

Renewable energy is growing in popularity among local cooperatives and utilities. Solar provides a perfect fit for those seeking to harness the sun and lessen their carbon footprint.

State and Federal tax credits, along with other potential incentives, make solar a solid, affordable, and viable investment for utilities.


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