How does snow/ice affect my solar system's performance? - Eagle Point Solar

How does snow/ice affect my solar system’s performance?

It’s true that when your solar panels are completely snow/ice covered, they will only be able to generate a portion of their typical energy output because less sunlight is able to pass thru the snow/ice cover. Don’t worry, this is more than taken care of by the long, sunny summer days. We recommend not trying to clear the solar modules. Getting onto a roof in inclement weather is dangerous and using any type of tool or chemical on the modules themselves can damage the modules, wiring and possibly void any manufacture warranty.

That being said, this is nothing to be concerned about because:

  • Solar creates more efficient energy at cooler temperatures.
  • Light can still penetrate a thin layer of snow/ice and allow for energy production. 
  • The angle of the solar modules and their ability to produce some heat allows for the snow to slide directly off your modules faster than snow would fall off your roof, quickly returning your system to its full potential.
  • Snow sliding off panels, as it melts, simultaneously cleans them.
  • Eagle Point Solar’s design and engineering team factor in shorter days, winter weather, and less direct sunlight into account to optimize your system based on decades of weather data from your local weather station. Therefore, as a percentage of overall yearly production the loss from snow/ice is very minimal.