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What do I do with the ground under a ground mounted solar array?

There are a variety of options you can choose for landscaping underneath ground mounted solar panels. Plant life including wildflowers, vegetables and grasses are very successful under panels. Shaded plants require less water and help to keep the temperature under the panels cooler in turn maximizing the panels efficiency. Other options include rocks or mulch […]

What do the lights on my SolarEdge inverter mean?

The multicolored lights on the SolarEdge inverter tell us different information about the production and communications on your array. Follow this link to learn what they mean: https://www.solaredge.com/us/leds

Will I like the look of solar panels on my roof?

The innovative design of solar panels take on an integrated look on your roof, ultimately becoming part of the overall design. Panels come in a variety of options including a sleek all black design. The panels functionality to power your home more efficiently will quickly become a look and feel that never goes out of […]

Is my house eligible for solar power?

There are several factors that determine whether your home is a candidate for solar power. Your roof design matters, the best roofs for solar are those south-facing with enough space for solar panels. The solar panels need to retrieve the sun;s ray;s most of the day and not be shaded by trees or other obstructions. […]

Is solar power less expensive than traditional electricity from my utility company?

Solar power usually costs less than traditional power that is sold by the utility company. The increasing cost of traditional power, direct to consumers and indirect to our planet that is driving consumers to search for alternative clean and renewable energy. The amount of money a consumer will save on a monthly basis will depend […]

Who insures the solar array?

The Investor (Co-Owner) will own the solar array during the duration of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and is responsible for the insurance on the solar array.