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How long does the installation usually take?

The process of installing a solar array is usually done in one or two days for a residential system. Before our crew can install an array, it takes several weeks to prepare a project from permit approvals to equipment procurement to have the smoothest installation possible. Whenever possible, we’ll do the work for you, and […]

Do I need to plan any extra space for placement of a future battery?

If you are considering solar+storage or simply adding a battery at a later date, you will want to leave 5′ of extra wall space on either side of the load center. Don’t forget to take into account space for the inverter next to the load center which requires an additional recommended 4′ of wall space.

Should I plan to install conduit for future wiring of my solar array?

Planning the placement of conduit during the new home construction process is a great idea and can save you money on the installation of your solar array. Installing a 2″ metallic conduit from the attic to the location of your electrical load center will allow for DC wiring to be easily installed from your roof-mounted […]

What is the ideal roof pitch and location for solar on my new home?

When designing your new home, a 7/12 roof pitch with a larger portion of southern exposure is optimal for a roof-mounted solar array. Systems can be installed on various roof pitches as well as east or west-facing roofs. In doing so, more panels are often required to achieve the best performance to reach your energy […]