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How do solar systems fair in extreme weather conditions?

The likelihood of solar panels incurring damage from hail, strong winds, or snow loads is very small. In fact, they are tested and rated to withstand the impact of a 1” hailstone traveling in excess of 200mph and to remain firmly mounted to the ground or roof at wind-speeds in excess of 100mph. Check out […]

How does snow/ice affect my solar system’s performance?

It’s true that when your solar panels are completely snow/ice covered, they will only be able to generate a portion of their typical energy output because less sunlight is able to pass thru the snow/ice cover. Don’t worry, this is more than taken care of by the long, sunny summer days. We recommend not trying to […]

How will weather affect my solar array?

Weather plays a role in the amount of power a solar energy system will generate. Bright sun is obviously the most productive scenario, but power is still produced on overcast days. Unless the panel is completely covered by something, it will continue to produce power. Overall production of energy will be the greatest in the […]