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What is an Interconnection Agreement with a utility?

An Interconnection Agreement is a contract with a utility for distributed generated systems, including solar photovoltaics. The agreement is a written notice to a utility company of plans to construct, install and operate any system which will be connected to the grid and must be submitted prior to the start of construction. After the utility […]

How does Net-Metering work?

“Net Metering” is an industry term used to describe how a utility company compensates you for any overproduction from your solar array which is sent back to the utility. Net metering simply means the utility gives the customer full retail credit for all energy the solar array produces but is not consumed by the owner […]

What is an off-grid system?

An off-grid system is a solar array which is not connected to the power grid. In most cases, power is generated by the solar panels and energy is sent to a storage receptacle like a battery. The property then consumes the power from the battery. The capacity or size of the battery bank determines how […]

What is a grid-tied system?

The system is synchronized with the electric grid so the power the solar array generates is used first. If necessary, additional power flows through the meter just like it has in the past. If your solar array is generating excess power, this power flows back through your utility meter and back to the utility for […]