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How do I read my utility bill after installing solar?

When a property owners installs solar panels, they will typically become a net metering customer. Net metering is a policy used throughout most of the country that credits solar customers for excess energy produced by their solar panels. This changes the way these customers’ bills are calculated. After installing solar, a customer’s bill may include […]

Why does my utility bill some months have a credit and others I owe?

The utility bill shows the net difference between energy produced and energy used. If that month you use more energy that you produced, your bill will show an amount due for energy consumed from the utility. If you produce more than you consume, your bill will show a credit.

What is the warranty on your installation?

Most solar components carry a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 25-years. As with any other products you may buy, warranties can be driven by the quality of the equipment you are considering, cheaper equipment can mean shorter warranties. Eagle Point Solar generally warrants our workmanship for 5 years. Warranty extensions of that timeframe are possible […]