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Why don’t I produce the same number of kW all year long?

During the winter the sun is lower, so it doesn’t hit the panels at an optimal angle. Cold weather and fewer daylight hours during the winter can cause your energy usage to be higher and solar production to be lower, making the gap between what you can produce and what you use seem even larger.

Will my system still generate power during a blackout?

Grid-tied solar systems are required by utility regulations to have a built-in shut down mechanism in the event of a power outage for the safety of workers attempting to fix power outages. If blackouts occur regularly in your area a battery backup could be a good solution. Ask a battery certified installer for more information […]

Is it possible to supply all of my electricity needs with a solar system?

The percentage of the power which your solar system generates is often up to you. As long as you have enough space available to properly mount the solar panels and inverters it is possible to generate most, or all, of the electricity you need. Eagle Point Solar staff will analyze your site and energy profile […]