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How do I set up and use the inverter portal(s)?

If you agreed to provide internet in your solar array contract, you will receive two emails: one from the monitoring portal provider, and one from Eagle Point Solar. The email from the monitoring portal will give you a link to register your email address. The email from Eagle Point Solar will have a short walk-through […]

Where do I go to download the monitoring app for my solar array?

Eagle Point Solar provides monitoring clients with email instructions on how to access monitoring after Power To Operate (PTO) is granted. If you do not receive this email from Eagle Point Solar within 5 business days from the time your array is turned on, please email:

Can I monitor the solar production of my array?

Yes, Eagle Point Solar offers the capability to provide internet-based (online) production monitoring of your solar array. This provides us (and you) the ability to monitor the solar production and to troubleshoot anything which may need attention. Eagle Point Solar will also send you an annual production report comparing our estimated energy production with the […]