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What do the lights on my SolarEdge inverter mean?

The multicolored lights on the SolarEdge inverter tell us different information about the production and communications on your array. Follow this link to learn what they mean:

Will I like the look of solar panels on my roof?

The innovative design of solar panels take on an integrated look on your roof, ultimately becoming part of the overall design. Panels come in a variety of options including a sleek all black design. The panels functionality to power your home more efficiently will quickly become a look and feel that never goes out of […]

How durable are solar panels?

When quality components are installed properly, solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including wind, rain and even hail. The glass that covers the panels is highly engineered and designed to resist breakage, even from 1″ hail stones impacting the glass at over 200mph. Check out this video of a hail impact test: […]

Is there a difference in solar panel quality?

Solar panel brands are classified in categories, such as Premium (Tier 1), Standard (Tier 2), and Economy (Tier 3). Tier 1 panels often perform the best and are manufactured and warrantied by financially strong solar panel manufacturers. These panels have a higher price tag, while Tier 3 panels are inexpensive but often less durable over […]

How long will the system last?

Although most solar components have a 25-year warranty, they are expected to continue to produce power for 40+ years. There are no moving parts and virtually no maintenance which means longevity also comes with reliability. Major solar module (panel) manufacturers have modules which were installed over 40 years ago and the panels are still producing […]

How big of a system do I need?

The size of the solar system you may need should be based on a Solar Analysis created by a licensed and certified solar energy professional. There are many things to consider like available space, electrical usage, current electric utility policy and shading. Working with an experienced solar company to evaluate these factors is critical so […]