Save Net Metering for Iowa's Solar Industry - Save Iowa Solar - Eagle Point Solar

Save Net Metering for Iowa's Solar Industry – Save Iowa Solar

Friends and Solar Supporters,
We are asking you to take this opportunity to show your support for solar energy and the positive economic and environmental effect our industry has had in Iowa.
Recently Alliant Energy proposed and the Iowa Utilities Board approved, a new net metering pilot program that will take effect on April 1st. We agree with the opinion of ELPC and the Iowa Consumer Advocate this new net-metering tariff will keep some Iowa resident’s from installing a solar array.
The details concerning this subject can be found by clicking on the enclosed link. Please take the time to review the information and voice your opinion by signing the petition and let the Iowa Utilities Board and the Governor’s office know you support the solar industry in Iowa.
Jim Pullen
General Manager
Schmid Innovation Center
900 Jackson Street
Suite 108
Dubuque, IA 52001

Save Net Metering for Iowa’s Solar Industry – Save Iowa Solar

Take action to support Iowa’s solar industry by encouraging the Iowa Utilities Board to reconsider net metering rule changes proposed by Alliant Energy.