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Northland Pines School District Solar Project – May 14, 2018 The Northland Pin…

Northland Pines School District Solar Project – May 14, 2018
The Northland Pines School District is hosting a ribbon cutting to celebrate the installation of 330 kilowatt (kW) solar
photovoltaic (PV) systems along with upgrades to energy management systems at the Eagle River Elementary and the
Northland Pines High School and Middle School. The solar PV energy systems are installed on the Field House roof of the
High School and on the ground behind the Eagle River and Elementary Schools. (The school district is also applying for
approval for 87 kW of PV solar at the Land O’Lakes Elementary School.) The ribbon cutting will take place on May 14 at 11
a.m. in front of the ground-mounted panels behind the Eagle River Elementary School.
The solar PV energy systems’ roughly 1,350 solar modules will generate approximately 470,000 kWh per year or about 22%
of the electricity use at the three schools. The solar PV energy systems will serve as an educational platform for
students, teachers, and the community to learn about renewable energy, particularly solar energy. The energy
management system improvements complement the solar energy and will significantly reduce the district’s electricity
costs by lowering utility peak demand charges.
The installer of the PV systems is Eagle Point Solar, based in Dubuque, Iowa. Eagle Point is an experienced solar energy
installation company, with over 450 installations and over 8 megawatts of installed solar photovoltaic system since 2010.
Eagle Point has 45 staff members with multiple NABCEP1-certified installation professionals. Sun and Daughters Solar LLC
of Sugar Camp, Wisconsin will help maintain the solar energy systems.
The projects are supported by grants from the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program. The Northland Pines School District
co-owns the systems, along with Midwest-based, green-minded investors who are able to utilize federal investment tax
credits available for qualified renewable energy equipment installations. The Northland Pines School District is a member
of the managerial board that helps operate the project and will assume complete ownership in as little as twelve years.
Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction of Appleton and Madison Solar Consulting provided the planning services for this
The solar energy systems are anticipated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 820,8502 pounds per year, which is the
equivalent of what is absorbed by 439 acres of US forest in one year3. Their electricity output would meet the power
requirements of 40 average U.S. homes.
For more information, please contact: Dr. Michael Richie, District Administrator, at or by phone at 715-479-6487, Opt. 1, Ext. 1 Northland Pines School District
1 National Association of Board Certified Energy Practitioners 2 Emission factor of 1,664 pounds CO2 per MWh (source EPA power profiler) 3

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