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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Eagle Point Solar/Barry R. Shear 563-582-4044 bsh…

Contact: Eagle Point Solar/Barry R. Shear
Shear Honored With Prestigious Industry Award
Portland, Oregon., (September 12, 2014) – Barry Shear, President of Eagle Point Solar, recently became the first recipient of the Bill Yerkes Award. The award was presented to Barry on August 19, 2014, during the annual Solar World Solar Summit held in Portland, Oregon. The award recognizes those who embody the passion, vision and pioneering spirit of the award’s namesake.
“I am honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Bill Yerkes. Bill was really a pioneer in the development of solar technology. While I’m grateful for this recognition, I find inspiration in the fact that I’m not the only one who is motivated by Bill Yerkes legacy. Because of Bill, more companies like ours are emerging and solar energy’s viability and potential is shining brighter than ever before” said Shear.
Bill Yerkes (1934-2014)
Bill Yerkes is remembered as one of the vanguards of the solar energy revolution. Bill started his solar career back in the early ’70s with a company that manufactured solar cells solely for space. In fact, Bill oversaw the development of the solar array that Apollo 11 left behind on the moon. But Bill had a greater vision. Back when solar energy was only used in outer space, he wanted to bring it down to Earth.
Among the innovations he pioneered, Bill identified a solution to the costly approach for creating the electrical contacts for the wafers of silicon used in solar cells. He hit upon the technique of screen-printing, just like silk-screening T-shirts. A special mix of silver flakes with glass powder formed the conductor and also adhered reliably. Bill chose tempered glass for the outer cover, as it was robust, manufactured everywhere, and would self-clean after a rain. The silicon cells were bonded to the glass just as auto windshields are made, because Bill had noticed that while car bodies rusted away in wrecking yards, the windshields still looked great, even after decades sitting outdoors. Thanks to Bill’s experimentation, the template for the modern solar module was born.
Eagle Point Solar
President, Barry Shear, is committed to the wide spread implementation of solar power and the legislative policies that promote the growth of renewable energy systems. Barry founded Eagle Point Solar and built it into one of the larger solar developers in the State. Barry was a business turnaround specialist for 17 years and prior to founding EPS, he was part owner and CEO of Help At Home, Inc., a large homecare provider with operations in 13 states and 140 operating units, providing over 13 million hours of care the last year of his ownership.