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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Eagle Point Solar/Barry R. Shear 563-582-4044 bsh…

Contact: Eagle Point Solar/Barry R. Shear
Iowa Solar Pioneer to Present Keynote Address at Southern Solar Summit
ATLANTA, GA., (September 9, 2014) – Barry R. Shear, President of Eagle Point Solar, a Dubuque, Iowa based company, will present the keynote address at this year’s 6th annual Southern Solar Summit. The event, organized by the Georgia Solar Energy Association, will take place on Thursday, September 11, 2014, at the GTRI Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
Barry has earned a wide reputation as a vigorous advocate for solar energy. He feels that energy from renewable resources in the Industrial Revolution of the 21st century.
In his remarks, Barry is expected to detail his two-year legal struggle to provide third-party power to a non-taxable entity — in this case the City of Dubuque. His case went all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court and was hailed nationwide as an important and pivotal moment for the future of solar energy.
“This ruling now makes other solar projects like this viable. We can go to any municipality, any university, any wastewater treatment plant, churches, any non-taxable entity and we can put solar on their roof or on their property — and they have to come up with zero dollars to do this. All they have to do is agree to buy the energy produced by the solar array. It’s energy they’re paying for anyway, but this will give them access to clean, renewable energy” said Shear.
In 2011, Eagle Point Solar was contracted to build a solar array for the City of Dubuque. The array was to be used by the city to offset and reduce power costs. Alliant Energy challenged this arrangement claiming Eagle Point Solar was violating the utility company’s exclusive territory rights and was “acting” as a utility in providing power to the City of Dubuque. Eagle Point Solar sought a declaratory ruling from the Iowa Utility Board. The IUB ruled in favor of the utility. Eagle Point Solar took the case to Polk County District Court. The District Court overwhelmingly reversed the IUB’s ruling saying that “having a third party power purchase agreement does not make you a public utility.” The IUB then appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court and that case was heard on January 22, 2014.
On July 11, 2014, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of Eagle Point Solar, allowing the Dubuque-based company to sell solar energy “output” to the City of Dubuque from a panel array located on the municipal building. This ruling allows Eagle Point Solar and other providers of alternative energy to sell “output” from solar arrays placed on the user’s property.
Eagle Point Solar
President, Barry R. Shear, is committed to the wide spread implementation of solar power and the legislative policies that promote the growth of renewable energy systems. Barry founded Eagle Point Solar and built it into one of the larger solar developers in the State. Barry was a business turnaround specialist for 17 years and prior to founding EPS, he was part owner and CEO of Help At Home, Inc., a large homecare provider with operations in 13 states and 140 operating units, providing over 13 million hours of care the last year of his ownership.